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Cupcake Heaven - "Just Like Heaven in a Cupcake!"
Cupcake Heaven is a place where my wonderful gourmet cake creations taste "Just Like Heaven" in a cupcake.  The shop is located inside the kitchen in my home in Port Charlotte.
My sugary, gourmet concoctions are baked with only the freshest ingredients.  Each one of my gourmet cupcakes, mini cupcakes, and cupcake push up pops are made with love. That's why they taste so "heavenly." . 
My buttercream frostings and fillings are all made from scratch, just like my cupcake batter...

Cupcake Heaven is now offering homemade muffins for only $1.00...nothing like a warm, homemade muffin in the morning with your coffee...or at a staff meeting...
Our prices are:     $1.50 plus tax - each cupcake
                              $.50 plus tax - each mini cupcake
                              $ 3.00 plus tax - (pint size) jars 2 cupcakes in a cute jar                                  $ 1.50 plus tax (half pint) 1 cupcake in a cute jar          
Come and order my delicious delicacies.
Our services include baking for weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties.  Instead of sending candy or flowers to a loved one for a birthday or someone in the hospital, send a basket of twelve delicious cupcakes.
We can bake our delicacies for your next girl's get together, fundraiser, or office meeting.  Everyone is happy when they eat a cupcake...sugar junkies unite!!!
Rita Barton, Sugar Artist
For more information, please contact me at (941) 875-4246. 
My email address is:
My Facebook page is Cupcake Heaven 
My Twitter page is CupcakeheavenNP
We hope to see you soon!
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